Hi, I’m Katie and I would love for you to collaborate with us!

Welcome to From Bump to Bubble, a platform dedicated to enriching the journey of parenthood. Our website serves as a vibrant community for parents and professionals alike, offering insights, stories, and valuable information in the mother and baby niche.

We’re excited to open our doors to a variety of collaboration opportunities, each designed to foster growth, share knowledge, and enhance our collective experience in this beautiful journey of parenting.

So what are you waiting for? Below are all the ways you can collab with us!

Collaborate with us! Katie McCann and family

Guest posting

Share your stories and expertise!

Please find our Write for us page here for more information. Read on for a general overview of the types of guest posts we are looking for.

For professionals

We invite healthcare professionals from a range of backgrounds including, but not limited to, doctors, midwives, and IBCLCs, a chance to share their expertise on our site. Your articles will help educate and support our audience, offering insights into parenting, breastfeeding, and child care from a professional perspective.

Email contact@frombumptobubble.com to discuss your guest post ideas. Please pitch your suggestions for content ideas before submitting a completed article. Please put ‘Expert Guest Post’ in the subject box of your email.

Real parent diaries

Parents, this space is for you. Share your journey, challenges, and triumphs in our Real Parent Diaries section. Whether it’s about parenting, breastfeeding, balancing work and family, or navigating relationships, your stories are invaluable and we want to hear them! Let your voice be heard and connect with others walking a similar path. We welcome original images.

Check out our Real Parent Diaries page here!

Email contact@frombumptobubble.com with your story idea or your completed post. Please put ‘Parenting Story Idea’ in the subject box of your email.

Sponsored posts

Get your brand noticed!

At From Bump to Bubble, we’re passionate about providing our audience with detailed, honest reviews of products and books that make a real difference in the lives of parents and their little ones. If you’re a brand looking to promote products that align with the values of care, quality, and innovation, we’d love to help tell your story. Our sponsored posts are more than just advertisements; they’re a platform to share valuable information that empowers our community.

Check out this sponsored post with MomMed here.

Email contact@frombumptobubble.com to discuss your product or book and our rates. Please put ‘Sponsored Post Collaboration’ in the email subject box.

Podcast guest appearances

Have me as a guest on your podcast!

As a certified breastfeeding counselor, mother of two, former HCPC paramedic, and entrepreneur, I bring a wealth of experience to the conversation. I am eager to join podcasts in the mother and baby niche or parenting niche, sharing insights and stories that resonate with listeners. Let’s connect and create meaningful discussions together.

Email contact@frombumptobubble.com to discuss your podcast. Please put ‘Podcast Guest Invitation’ in your email subject box.

Niche edits

Contact me for link insertions!

We believe in collaboration over competition. Website owners are encouraged to explore our content and consider adding their insights or resources. By enhancing existing content, we can create win-win situations that benefit both our audiences through strategic link placements.

Email contact@frombumptobubble.com for further information. Please put ‘Link Insertion Proposal’ in your email subject box.

Affiliate marketing

Maximize the reach of your brand!

Our commitment to authenticity and quality extends to the brands we partner with. We are selective, choosing to collaborate only with brands that we truly believe in and that uphold high standards of ethics and quality. If you represent a brand that fits these criteria, let’s discuss how we can feature your products through affiliate marketing on our site.

Email contact@frombumptobubble.com to discuss further. Please put ‘Affiliate Marketing Proposal’ in your email subject box.

SEO services for mother and baby brands and parenting blogs

Boost your brand or blog online!

With extensive experience in SEO, especially within the mother and baby niche, I’m here to help your brand flourish. Offering tailored SEO consulting, I aim to help businesses in this space grow their reach and succeed online.

Let’s begin crafting your winning SEO strategy today!

Email contact@frombumptobubble.com to discuss your blog or brand and find out more. Please put ‘SEO For My Brand’ in your email subject box.

I give you everything you need to succeed online

One-on-one consultancy

Mastering the mother and baby niche with precision and passion, my SEO services stand out in a sea of generics. As a dedicated solo SEO specialist, you’ll receive personalized, one-on-one consultancy—no passing around, just tailored strategies and unwavering focus on your brand. Fed up with off-target SEO pitches? I get it. Unlike others, I deeply understand and specialize in your unique audience, ensuring strategies that truly connect and convert.

Personalized SEO strategies

Every business is unique, especially in the vibrant mother and baby market. Specializing in SEO services for parenting blogs and SEO services for mother and baby brands, I deliver custom SEO strategies that stand out in this unique niche. From targeted keyword research to tailored content optimization, strategic planning, link building, and detailed analytics, every aspect is crafted for your specific needs. We’ll collaborate transparently to create a strategy that boosts your rankings and deeply resonates with your brand’s values.

Content optimization & enhanced user experience

Effective SEO hinges on content that resonates with parents and caregivers seeking trusted guidance and products. In the mother and baby niche, I specialize in crafting content that speaks directly to your audience, blending keyword-rich, user-friendly material for a smooth, responsive site experience across all devices.

Ongoing support & agile adaptation

SEO is a journey, not a destination. It requires vigilance, adaptability, and a proactive stance towards evolving search engine algorithms and market trends. As your dedicated SEO partner, I’m committed to ongoing support, regularly reviewing your site’s performance and making necessary adjustments to keep your growth trajectory on the upward slope.

Commitment to ethical SEO

In a field rife with shortcuts and quick fixes, I stand firm in my commitment to ethical SEO practices. You can trust in sustainable, white-hat strategies designed to build your brand’s credibility and authority naturally over time.

Elevate your brand with a service that understands the intricacies of the mother and baby niche. With a personalized, dedicated approach and specialized expertise, I’m here to ensure your business not only achieves but surpasses its digital marketing objectives.

Competitive analysis & niche-specific insights

In the competitive world of mother and baby brands and parenting blogs, understanding where you stand among your competitors is crucial. I provide a detailed analysis of your market positioning, identifying opportunities to distinguish your brand. Leveraged with unique insights into the mother and baby niche, our strategy will set you apart as a leader in your domain.

Email contact@frombumptobubble.com to discuss your blog or brand and find out more. Please put ‘SEO For My Brand’ in your email subject box.