The #1 perfect mother's day gift from baby

Mom, Can I Ask You A Question?: The Perfect First Mother’s Day Gift From Baby

Mom, can I ask you a question? A Guided Keepsake Journal

The perfect first Mother’s day gift from baby for any mom on her birthday, Mother’s Day, or just because you love her!

Mom, can I ask you a question? has been designed and written as the perfect place for every mom to finally put pen to paper and tell the extraordinary story about her life.

Mom, Can I ask you a question?

About the Book

This book is not only a testament to a mom’s life but also a precious keepsake gift for future generations.

Suitable for every mom

Inclusive and suitable for all types of mothers regardless of background.

Detailed and insightful

Over 100 thoughtful, tactful questions to bring out all of those stories and events that may have remained just distant memories.

The ideal gift for any mom

A lovely gift for any special occasion especially for Mother’s day and birthdays.

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Mom, Can I Ask You A Question?

first mother's day gift from baby

What You’ll Get in the Book

Insightful and thought-provoking questions throughout:

Full logical contents page

Numbered pages throughout so it is easy to skip to particular sections – holidays, early baby years, beliefs and more!

Your mom can dip in and out of this book when she has a spare few moments or settle down with a cup of coffee and write for hours! Designed to inspire and direct, this book allows any mom to really explore the key moments of her life and consider what she would like to share with her children.

Time capsule table

The book starts with a time capsule to mark the starting date of using the book. Note down current address, height, how much a pint of milk is and many more!

Have you tried and failed to get your mom to write her memoirs? Maybe she is a treasure chest of fun stories? Or has led an interesting and exciting life? Now you have a way of getting her story on paper once and for all! Better still you can pass down this book for future generations to enjoy for years to come!

Easy to read questions with plenty of space for answers

Thought-provoking simple questions about friends, family, relationships, careers … and many more!

How many times have you asked your mom about her childhood or grandparents? Or a funny story from school years? Maybe you want to know the secret to a happy life? Or some advice about motherhood?

Packed with over 100 thought provoking questions about your mom’s life, she’ll be taken on a journey through her life from childhood to present-day experiences reflecting on the moments that shaped her into the person she is today.

KAtie McCann

About the Author

Hi I’m Katie – a mum to two gorgeous children aged 3 and 4, registered paramedic, entrepreneur and wife to a fabulous guy! I am passionate about celebrating motherhood and helping parents by guiding them through the ups and downs of parenting. I wrote this book as a space for moms to communicate with their children, however old or young, and really pass on all the lessons she has learned throughout her life.

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