Father-to-be: My Wife’s Body Preparing For Breastfeeding

Meet Chris: A compassionate social worker in aged care. As he eagerly awaits the arrival of his child, he embraces the transformative journey of parenthood. In this article, Chris sheds light on the incredible changes his wife’s body undergoes to prepare for breastfeeding. Join him in advocating for the power and beauty of this natural process. Discover invaluable insights at enkel.life.

A father-to-be here and boy have there been changes during pregnancy. To be honest, not much has changed for me personally besides the size of my bank account. Gee, those pregnancy costs add up quickly with ultrasounds, doctor bills, and now all the clothing and furniture. Do you know how much a pram costs?! 

But the big change I have seen is in the mom-to-be’s body. 

Obviously, the main area, her tummy, holding our beloved son. Yes, we decided to find out the sex before the birth via a blue light candle delivered to us by our waitress over lunch in a fancy restaurant… that was my idea, to make it a special moment *pats self on the back*. 

I’ve been watching over the weeks and months as her body adjusts to our son growing; her tummy moving outwards, expanding for our little boy. 

But, which I am sure you’ll roll your eyes at me for while muttering “typical male” there have been two other big changes just a little further up her body. 

Her breasts. 

And have they changed. I’ll be frank! They are huge! 

These truly are an emblem of her femininity, along with her curves and *cough* an area of much enjoyment for yours truly *cough* is now changing for what I call its new and “most important task”:


Do you know how beneficial breastfeeding is for your child? Facetiousness aside, it’s incredible. 

Breastfeeding provides the perfect nutrition for your child, which also increases the ability to protect against sickness and diseases, increases brain function (hmm, I could use some of that), and get this, it’s even beneficial for the mother too. Just google it.  

So we decided to that end we needed to prioritize breastfeeding and if size was anything to go by nature has decided for us. But FYI: size does not dictate how successful breastfeeding will be. Did I mention they’re huge? 

Guys, have you seen those breast pumps? Yeah, they’re a thing, and from what I can tell you’re going to need one or maybe two. Yep, another hit to the bank account. 

The reason is if all goes well for breastfeeding (which can be a problem for some mothers, we don’t know yet), a breast pump will be an asset

If you’re a little disorganized like myself and my wife, the breast pump will mean we can store some breastmilk for when she’s napping, out with the girls, or back at work. My wife is a self-employed photographer. 

In those times, I will be able to take care of our son and feed him with his own mother’s breastmilk and my wife won’t need to rush home to feed him. 

That’s right, I’m going to be one of those fathers who share the load of parenthood, at least as best as I can. 

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