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Elvie vs Willow: The Ultimate Breast Pump Showdown!

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Elvie vs Willow – the big players in the world of wearable breast pumps!

Imagine having a secret weapon tucked right inside your bra, empowering you to pump with style and stealth. Say goodbye to those pesky tubes, cords, and the feeling of being chained to a machine. With these modern marvels, you can pump on the move, hands-free, and under the radar.

But wait, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. While they share some cool features, each has its own flair. Depending on your vibe and needs, one might just steal the spotlight. So, let’s jump in, break down the difference between Willow 3 vs Elvie pumps, and find out which of these power pumps is your perfect match.

Key takeaways

  • Wearable breast pumps like Elvie and Willow provide a discreet and hands-free pumping experience.

  • Both pumps share similarities, but differences in design and features may suit different situations.

  • Understanding the specifics of each pump will help you choose the right one for your lifestyle and needs.

Effortlessly master the balance of breastfeeding and exclusively pumping and work with a wearable breast pump, tackle common breastfeeding challenges like engorgement vs mastitis, and make an informed decision in the breastfeeding vs exclusive pumping debate.

Why is everyone obsessed with the Elvie vs Willow pump debate?

You might be wondering why these two wearable breast pumps, The Elvie and The Willow, are gaining so much attention. Well, there are a few reasons for their popularity:

  • Cordless and hands-free: You can wear both of these pumps inside your bra, making it super convenient for multitasking while pumping. Gone are the days of being tethered to the wall or having wires dangling everywhere when you are trying to get on with household tasks like preparing a meal or caring for your baby.

  • Discreet and silent: With their compact design, these wearable pumps let you pump away without attracting much attention, allowing you to maintain your privacy even in public places.

Here’s a quick comparison of some features each pump offers:

Single unit optionYesNo

$393 to $549

$498.99 to $549

Battery LifeLong-lastingNot mentioned
Ease of CleaningEasySlightly more complex
Noise LevelQuietQuiet
App ConnectivityElvie AppNot mentioned
Pumping ModesMultiple modesStandard mode
MaterialBPA freeBPA free
Customer SatisfactionMostly positive with some concerns about fitHighly praised for comfort and functionality

Keep in mind that although both pumps have similar features, there might be slight differences in the details that could sway your decision one way or the other. So, make sure to do your research before buying either one of them. 

The Elvie Versus Willow – They Have a Fair Bit In Common!

They Both:

  • Are led by women, which is fantastic!

  • Offer a totally wireless experience, so you’re not tethered to a wall outlet or pump.

  • Function as double electric breast pumps, although the Elvie also comes as a single pump option.

  • Fit snugly inside your bra or tank top, allowing you to pump hands-free and unhindered.

  • Include 24 mm and 28 mm breast shield sizes, with a 21 mm size available separately.

  • Feature 7 suction settings for your comfort and a free app to control the pump.

  • Boast washable, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe parts for your convenience and peace of mind.

  • Are similarly priced and might even be covered by your insurance.

  • Have a solid battery life, so you don’t need to recharge frequently.

  • Require about 2 hours to fully charge.

  • Last around 2.5 hours per charge, depending on the intensity setting you use.

These portable and discreet pumps both help ensure that your newborn is getting enough breast milk. As a bonus, you might even decide to continue breastfeeding after 12 months. Remember to regularly massage breast lumps while breastfeeding for optimal comfort, milk flow, and breast health.

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The Elvie Wearable Breast Pump

How Elvie Functions

The Elvie breast pump is a wearable pump device designed for pumping breast milk discreetly and comfortably. It fits inside your nursing bra and operates silently, making it convenient for use in various situations. With its app connectivity, you can track your pumping sessions and control the pump wirelessly.

Positives of the Elvie Pump

  • Compact and discreet: It’s easy to wear the Elvie under your clothes while pumping, maintaining your privacy.

  • Quiet: The Elvie pump motor has a low noise level, allowing you to pump without attracting attention.

  • Smart connectivity: The Elvie app is a convenient way to track your pumping progress and adjust settings remotely.

  • Easy to clean: The pump parts can be cleaned quickly, ensuring a hygienic pumping experience.

Drawbacks of the Elvie Pump

  • Upright use required: Unlike the Willow pump, the Elvie must be used while in an upright position.

  • Price: The Elvie pump is on the higher end of the price spectrum, ranging from $393 to $549 according to a comparison.

  • Limited milk capacity: Compared to the Willow, the Elvie’s milk storage capacity may fall short for some users, depending on their individual needs.

What Moms Are Saying About The Elvie…
  • “The Evie is a game changer! It’s so quiet and discreet. I can pump while on a Zoom call and no one knows!”
  • “I love the Evie! It’s so comfortable and easy to use. I get more milk with this pump than any other I’ve tried.”
  • “The Evie is good, but I wish the battery life was longer. I find myself having to charge it often.”

The Willow Wearable Breast Pump

How the Willow Works

The Willow wearable breast pump is designed for spill-proof operation, allowing you wireless pump with total freedom of movement, even while breastfeeding. You can pump in any position, including laying down or doing yoga. The optional disposable bags make milk collection and storage easier.

Willow Pros

  • Spill-proof design: Enjoy complete freedom of movement without worrying about spills.

  • Optional disposable bags: Pump directly into bags for easier storage (although bags need to be purchased separately).

  • Fewer parts to wash: Only two parts to clean compared to the Elvie’s five.

  • Longer lasting battery: Enjoy slightly longer battery life.

  • Reliable app: Willow’s app is more user-friendly and reliable than Elvie’s.

  • Stronger suction strength: Potentially pump more milk with Willow.

Willow Cons

  • Limited milk capacity: Holds only 4 oz. of milk per side, compared to Elvie’s 5 oz.

  • Expensive disposable bags: If using reusable containers, they need to be purchased separately.

  • Steep learning curve: Takes more time to master than the Elvie.

  • More difficult to clean: Small tubes and crevices require special brushes for cleaning.

  • Single charger: Only one pump can be charged at a time due to the single wall socket charger.

  • Larger size: The Willow is about 1.5x larger in weight and bulk than the Elvie.

  • Milk container challenges: More difficult to use than the Elvie’s containers.

  • Dedicated right and left versions: Unlike the Elvie, the Willow has separate pumps for each side.

  • Noisier operation: May attract attention if used in public.

What Moms Are Saying About The Willow…
  • “The Willow is amazing! I can pump on the go, and it fits perfectly in my bra. No more being tied to a wall outlet.”
  • “I’m so impressed with the Willow. It’s hands-free and I can move around while pumping. It’s a lifesaver for busy moms.”
  • “While the Willow is convenient, I found it a bit tricky to assemble and clean. It took me some time to get used to it.”

When comparing the Willow and Elvie wearable breast pumps, it’s necessary to consider the differences in flange sizes, storage bags, and other factors such as nipple size and the reusable milk containers used. The Willow lets you customize your flange size, while the Elvie offers two sizes straight out of the box. The Willow also pumps directly into its own freezer-safe bags with one-way valves, while the Elvie uses reusable plastic milk containers.

A Note about Breast Milk Bags

When choosing between the Elvie and Willow breast pumps, you may wonder about the breast milk storage options. Since both of these breast pumps are popular wearable options, their storage systems are essential to consider.

For Elvie, the pump comes with its own bottle system, allowing you to collect and store milk directly in the bottle, without the need for any disposable containers. 

On the other hand, the Willow 3.0 offers two storage options โ€“ disposable bags or reusable container, which you can purchase separately. The disposable bags might be a bit more expensive in the long run, but they offer the convenience of easy storage without washing after each use. However, if you prefer a reusable milk container option, the container is available for you.

Here’s a quick comparison of the storage options:

  • Elvie: Bottle collection system (built-in)

  • Willow: Disposable bags or reusable container (purchased separately)

So, as you weigh your options between these two wearable breast pumps, keep their milk storage differences in mind, and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. 

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A Note About Flange Size


The right flange size can significantly impact the effectiveness and comfort of your pumping session experience. Let’s take a brief look at the flange sizes offered by both pumps:

  • Elvie: Offers 21mm, 24mm, and 28mm flanges. The pump comes with 24mm and 28mm flanges, but you can purchase a 21mm flange separately if needed.

  • Willow: Provides 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm flange sizes. You’ll need to order the pump according to your specific flange size.

Take the time to measure your nipple size correctly to avoid any issues with fit. You can find various resources online to help you determine your appropriate flange size. But don’t stress too much โ€“ just focus on getting the right size to maximize your comfort and pumping efficiency.

So will you choose the Elvie or the Willow? Which hands-free breast pump is best for you?

Pick the Willow if you:

  • Value complete mobility and freedom of movement; you can even do yoga while wearing it!

  • Want a slightly higher suction strength to potentially increase your pumping output

Pick the Elvie if you:

  • Are on a budget and want the option to purchase only one side or avoid buying additional bags/containers

  • Need a quieter and more discreet breast pump for pumping around others

Both pumps offer hands-free convenience and in-bra design, but your personal preferences and needs will determine which one is the best fit for you.

My Takeaway

Deciding between the Elvie and Willow breast pumps can be tough. Here’s what you should know:

  • Both pumps are wearable and offer freedom from cords, but their price range is higher than traditional breast pumps. Elvie pumps range between around $393 to $549, while Willow pumps go from about $498.99 to $549.

  • The Willow pump boasts 360 degree leak-proof mobility, meaning you can move around in any direction without worrying about leaks. However, the Elvie pump requires you to stay upright to avoid spillage.

  • Willow offers multiple milk collection options, including ready-to-store milk bags and reusable containers, while Elvie uses hard plastic bottles that need to stay upright.

  • When it comes to discretion while wearing the pumps, Elvie seems to be more low-profile compared to Willow.

  • Suction strength might be better with a regular pump, but both Elvie and Willow pumps are still effective in providing convenience and flexibility.

In summary, both Elvie and Willow breast pump have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to weigh the factors and decide which pump suits your needs and lifestyle better. Good luck making a choice!


In the Elvie vs Willow showdown, it’s all about finding the right fit for your pumping journey. The main difference between Elive and Willow? The Elvie pump, with its tech-savvy design, feels like the future of wearable breast pumps. It’s discreet, wireless, and syncs with an app, making each pumping session a breeze. Willow, meanwhile, is the versatile champ. Whether you’re using its reusable milk containers or opting for disposable bags, it’s all about convenience. Both pumps promise hands-free pumping, so you can say goodbye to being stuck in one spot. And with their solid battery life, you won’t be constantly reaching for the charger.

From the hospital-grade pump strength to the different breast shield sizes, it’s clear both brands have done their homework! So, whether you’re exclusively pumping to give your baby your milk via a bottle using the pitcher method, balancing breast feeding, or just figuring things out, the choice between Elvie and Willow boils down to your personal vibe. Either way, you’re set for a more streamlined breastfeeding experience. Cheers to finding the perfect match!


Questions? I Have Answers.

Both the Elvie and Willow pumps offer hospital-grade suction levels, ensuring efficient milk extraction. However, some users feel that the Willow has slightly better suction, especially when compared to other breast pumps.

How much milk you can extract largely depends on individual factors, but both the Willow and Elvie are designed to optimize milk production. Their hospital-grade pumps and flexible suction levels aim to get the most out of each pumping session.

The “best” choice between Willow vs Elvie really boils down to personal preferences. If you value proprietary bags, direct pumping into a storage bag, and a pump like “Willow Go” that’s known for its adaptability, Willow might be your pick. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a pump that’s significantly quieter, with options like reusable bags and a reputation for being worth its weight in “liquid gold,” then Elvie could be your best bet.

Yes, the Elvie pump is often considered to be quieter than the Willow. It pumps quietly, making it a preferred hands-free pump for many moms who prioritize discretion, especially during exclusive pumping sessions. The design ensures it operates at a volume that’s significantly quieter than many other options on the market.

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