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How to Dress Postpartum for Style and Comfort in 2024

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So you just had your beautiful baby and now have that beautiful baby body! Let’s embrace this special time in your life by creating a postpartum capsule wardrobe. Your new body deserves to be dressed in a comfortable style – let’s talk about how to dress postpartum. 

As an Image Consultant, I help women in all stages of their lives feel good about themselves. You don’t need to feel unattractive after having a baby. Here are my pro tips to make your postpartum clothes work for you and make you feel beautiful! 

How to dress postpartum and build the perfect wardrobe

Your postpartum wardrobe does not have to be frumpy and out of style. Postpartum fashion can be stylish while working for your new lifestyle. 

Yes, easy nursing access tops for nursing moms and postpartum pants don’t have to be boring. Here are some things you need to consider when building your new postpartum wardrobe.

Know your body type

Knowing how to dress for your body type is one of the first tips to improve your style. Most new moms experience changes in the shape of their bodies. 

You may not have your thinner pre-baby body, but trust me, there are styling tricks to enhance your most flattering features no matter your size or body concern.  

Here are the 6 body types:

  • Hourglass
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle 
  • Inverted Triangle

If you’re a new mom, giving birth creates weight around your lower stomach and thighs. This may give you a “pear” or “apple” shape. If you are like most postpartum women, dressing to hide your tummy is something you struggle with and feel the most self-conscious about. 

Understandably, you may want to keep wearing your maternity clothes shortly after giving birth while you are home recovering. There are several styles that I recommend for new moms for your post-baby body when you’re ready to get back out there.

What clothes are most flattering for your postpartum body?

How do I style my postpartum belly you ask? Here are some postpartum wardrobe staples that will always be comfortable and stylish. Postpartum clothes can be flattering and stylish if you know what to look for when shopping. 

Flared leggings

Flared leggings are on trend right now and it’s the perfect postpartum wardrobe staple for comfort and style. The stretchy waistband is forgiving as you gain or lose weight. 

Flare leggings are great postpartum pants! If you are a pear or apple shape, the flared bottom will balance your proportions. These Bumblime flared leggings are comfortable and versatile. 

Bumbline flared leggings

Wrap dresses and tops

Wrap dresses and tops are so nursing-friendly. Every new mom should have them in their postpartum wardrobe. I also love that they are adjustable, so these are great postpartum dresses for nursing or pumping

woman wearing a wrap dress with a baby in a pram in the park

Wrap dresses create an illusion of a waist due to their style. If you are a pear or apple shape, a wrap dress will make you look as if your waist is thinner. A ruched wrap top hides tummy bulge and has easy access for breastfeeding. 

Peplum tops

Peplum is all over the runway in 2024 and thank goodness because it’s a style that is tummy flattering! If you have a tummy bulge, a peplum-style top will hide it! I love this Cicibird peplum button-down top.

Cicibird peplum button down top

High-waisted maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are in vogue this season. Your postpartum body will feel confident and comfortable in a high-waisted maxi skirt. This Anrabess maxi skirt is perfect.

Anrabess maxi skirt

This is a great wardrobe staple for a changing body whether you are in your fourth trimester or after the first few weeks after birth. A maxi skirt is great to wear if you are dealing with a postpartum period. 

Empire waist dresses

The waist of an empire waist dress sits high above the natural waist. This creates the illusion of height while offering more room around the tummy. This Prettygarden empire waist maxi is very flattering on all body types. 

Prettygarden empire waist maxi dress

A-line and swing dresses

A-line and swing dresses are very comfortable for new moms. They deserve a place in your postpartum wardrobe. They are super comfortable and convenient if you are dealing with a postpartum period. I love this WNEEDU swing dress. It even has pockets!

WNEEDU swing dress

These postpartum dresses are forgiving on changing bodies. I recommend getting some button-downs as well which are great for breastfeeding.

Postpartum jeans

Postpartum jeans are a must-have in any postpartum wardrobe. You can even get them in skinny jeans if you are comfortable with them. These Levi’s skinny tummy control jeans are perfect for new moms. 

Levi's skinny tummy control jeans

In 2024 however, wide and baggy jeans are trending, so I recommend postpartum jeans in these comfortable “mom” styles. Why not get a denim diaper bag as well to go with those denim jeans? I love this Babbleroo waterproof denim diaper bag

Babbleroo waterproof denim diaper bag

Know your personal style

The next step as a new mom to build your confidence is identifying your personal style or style identity. This will help you build an authentic postpartum wardrobe that suits your personality and lifestyle.  

Your postpartum clothes can be an asset to your wardrobe and style. The easiest way is to take a style personality quiz. As a new mom, it’s easy to lose yourself, but identifying your style can give you power and confidence. 

Improve your postpartum mood with color

Wearing the right colors for your skin type and undertone can help look and feel more attractive. Dressing with colors in your seasonal color palate can give you a healthy glow and bring out your best facial features.

It can also give you a much-needed mood boost and build your confidence. “Dopamine dressing” is a term used to dress in colors that boost your mood. 

Before you go out and buy those postpartum clothes, take a color analysis test with a simple online tool to find your color palette. 

Pro Tip: If you want to look taller and slim instantly, dress in dark monochrome colors.

Postpartum style never looked so good 

Now that you know these stylist secrets, you can use them to create a stylish and comfortable postpartum wardrobe that works for you. This list includes nursing-friendly tops, button-up dresses, and leggings that will be your wardrobe staples. 

Don’t forget to identify your personal style and seasonal color palette to put it all together. Your postpartum clothing can be something you look forward to wearing every day. Now enjoy your newborn and your newfound postpartum style!

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