Which Body Armor Drink is Best for Breastfeeding

Which Body Armor Drink is Best for Breastfeeding: The Top Choice for Moms

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Ever wondered which Body Armor drink is best for breastfeeding? Can Body Armor drinks be a breastfeeding mom’s secret weapon for a healthy milk supply? With so many options, picking the right one can be a maze!

We’ve sipped, tested, and narrowed down the choices for you! But remember, while our favorite worked for us, everyone’s different.

Always chat with your healthcare pro before making any dietary changes.

Key takeaways

  • Body Armor drinks offer various ingredients that may positively impact breast milk production

  • Choosing the right drink requires considering key ingredients and their effects on milk supply and lactation

  • While some mothers may find success, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before making any dietary changes

Which Body Armor drink is best for breastfeeding?

Body Armor offers five distinct variants: Classic Sports Drink, Body Armor Lyte, Edge, Sport Water, and Flash I.V.

We recommend sticking to the Sport and Lyte versions – the others are great but not ideal for breastfeeding as they contain caffeine and other fortifiers not ideal for milk supply. From here we will just focus on these two.

Our taste test took us through all the Body Armor flavors, and after a lot of deliberation, the Tropical Punch stole our hearts! It’s not too bad on calories, weighing in at just 120 for the 16oz bottle, and tastes great! And there are no artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes plus it’s made with yummy coconut water!

Concerned about the sugar content? Here’s a pro tip: Blend it with pure coconut water. Not only will you reduce the sugar intake, but you’ll also gain some extra electrolytes. Win-win!

We tried the Lyte ones too of course but couldn’t get away from the taste of artificial sweeteners (these use Stevia) so they weren’t quite our jam.

Still on the fence about which variant or flavor to pick? We’d suggest diving into the sample pack. It’s a flavor fiesta with the most popular flavors: Fruit Punch, Orange Mango, Grape and Tropical Punch Body Armor variants, letting you discover your personal favorite.

Breastfeeding & Body Armor drinks: A quick dive

Breastfeeding is a beautiful yet sometimes tricky journey. Keeping up with your milk supply? That’s top priority. Some moms have whispered about Body Armor drinks being their little secret. While science hasn’t stamped its approval on these drinks boosting milk supply, many mamas swear by them.

Key ingredients in body armor drinks

Wondering what makes Body Armor tick? Here’s a peek:

  • Electrolytes & Coconut Water: Think of these as your hydration heroes. They pack in nutrients and ensure you’re sipping enough throughout the day. And guess what? Staying hydrated is a big thumbs-up for increasing milk supply.

  • Vitamins Galore: We’re talking Vitamin A, C, and E. All great pals for breastfeeding moms.

  • Fluids & Calories: Both are like gold for breastfeeding mamas.

But, let’s chat sugar. The classic Body Armor is sweetened with pure cane sugar. If you’re watching your sugar, the Lyte version (with just a few grams), sweetened with natural Stevia, might be your match.

Worried about caffeine? Breathe easy. Body Armor is caffeine-free, focusing on filtered water to keep you hydrated without the buzz.

A few more ingredients to note:

  • Citric Acid: Adds a zesty flavor and keeps the drink fresh.

  • Dipotassium Phosphate: Keeps the drink’s acidity in check.

  • Vitamin & Mineral Mix: Think niacinamide, magnesium oxide, and more. All to keep you feeling your best.

And for the color? Natural vegetable juice concentrate. No artificial stuff here.

The Bottom Line? While there’s no scientific proof that Body Armor drinks directly increase breast milk supply, some breastfeeding mothers have shared positive experiences with these beverages.

So if you’re team Classic or team Lyte, both Body Armor drinks come loaded with goodies to support your breastfeeding journey. Just keep an eye on hydration and sugar, and you’re golden!

Effects on milk supply and lactation

When it comes to body armor drinks and their effects on milk supply and lactation, there is no scientific evidence to prove their impact. However, some moms have experienced an increase in their breast milk supply after consuming body armor drinks.

Breastfeeding is a supply and demand process. The best way to increase milk supply is to breastfeed (or pump) frequently. So, the more your baby drinks, the more milk your body will produce.

It’s important to note that low milk supply is a common concern for new moms, but insufficient breast milk production is actually rare. In fact, most women make one-third more breast milk than their babies typically consume.

Pros and cons of Body Armor drinks

Benefits of Body Armor drinks

HydrationBody Armor drinks can help with hydration, which is crucial for maintaining healthy breast milk production.
ElectrolytesContains electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, and calcium from coconut water. These support healthy blood pressure balance and overall hydration.
Immunity BoostCoconut water in Body Armor drinks can have positive impacts on immunity.
Blood Sugar LevelsCoconut water can positively influence blood sugar levels.
Constipation ReliefCoconut water is known to help with constipation.
Anecdotal Increase in Milk SupplySome breastfeeding moms have reported an increase in milk supply after consuming Body Armor, though this is based on personal experiences and not scientific proof.
Benefits of Body Armor Drinks

Potential side effects of Body Armor drinks

Side EffectDescription
Sleep QualityConsuming excessive amounts of sports beverages like Body Armor might affect sleep quality.
Kidney FunctionOverconsumption can potentially impact kidney function.
Caloric IntakeBody Armor drinks contain calories. Consuming them in large quantities might affect your overall diet and caloric intake.
Potential Side Effects of Body Armor Drinks

Comparison of Body Armor with other drinks

When it comes to choosing the best drink for breastfeeding to boost milk supply, it’s important to compare Body Armor with other popular options. This will give you a better idea of which drink works best for your needs.

  • Body Armor vs Gatorade: Gatorade is a popular sports drink known for its electrolytes and rehydration properties. While it can hydrate you, it’s important to note that it lacks essential vitamins and nutrients designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers, such as those found in Body Armor. Gatorade also tends to have a higher sodium content, which could lead to excess water retention.
  • Body Armor vs Starbucks Pink Drink: Starbucks Pink Drink often combines coconut milk, ice, and various fruits. While it can be a refreshing option, it may not provide the same electrolytes and hydration as Body Armor or Gatorade. Additionally, the pink drink isn’t specifically formulated for breastfeeding mothers, so it may not provide all the necessary nutrients for lactation.
  • Body Armor vs Lactation Smoothies: Lactation smoothies can be beneficial for breastfeeding mothers, as they’re typically packed with fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich ingredients that can help support lactation. However, they might not provide the same levels of hydration and electrolytes found in Body Armor or Gatorade, so it could be helpful to combine them with a hydrating drink for the best results.
  • Body Armor vs Lactation Teas: Lactation teas are another popular option for breastfeeding moms, as they contain herbs and ingredients known to increase milk supply, like fenugreek and fennel. While these teas provide a relaxing and soothing option, again, they may not offer the hydration and electrolytes provided by Body Armor.
  • Body Armor vs Protein Powders for Breastfeeding Moms: Protein powders made for breastfeeding moms are a fantastic way of getting all the essential nutrients to support your breastfeeding journey. Women often prefer to use these powders as a quick and convenient breakfast then have a Body Armor in the afternoon for a boost (while sipping that all-important water in between of course!
  • Body Armor vs Coconut Water Breastfeeding: Body Armor and coconut water are both popular hydration choices for breastfeeding mothers, but Body Armor may have an edge due to its additional nutrients. While coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes and hydration, Body Armor, which contains coconut water, also offers a blend of electrolytes and vitamins.

Further reading: The 5 best protein powders for breastfeeding moms and Whey Protein Powder While Breastfeeding: Pros, Cons and Alternatives

While we are talking about drinks and breastfeeding have a look at my FREE alcohol and breastfeeding calculator just in case you fancy a tipple!!

So, when choosing a drink to support your breastfeeding journey, consider the benefits each option offers. Keep in mind the importance of hydration, electrolytes, and essential nutrients specifically designed for lactating mothers. Body Armor provides a solid option, but feel free to explore other possibilities and combinations to find what works best for you and your baby.

Other considerations for breastfeeding moms

Keep in mind that although Body Armor drinks might be helpful for some breastfeeding mothers, it’s also essential to focus on other effective strategies. For instance, combining breastfeeding and pumping can help boost your milk supply, and knowing how to increase milk supply quickly can be beneficial as well.

Additionally, implementing breastfeeding tips for newborns gives you a better chance at successful nursing for both you and your little one.


In addition to hydration, focusing on your pumping techniques is a crucial aspect for breastfeeding moms. Power pumping can help with low milk supply, but mastering the right technique can make all the difference. Don’t forget to follow a healthy diet rich in nutrients to support both you and your baby.


Navigating hormone balance during the postpartum phase is essential for a smooth breastfeeding experience as well. Make sure to pay attention to how your body changes during menstruation and adjust your routine accordingly. This might involve pumping more frequently or adjusting your diet to support milk production.

The experience of breastfeeding also helps to promote attachment between you and your baby. The level of attachment may vary, but breastfed babies are considered more attached to their mothers due to the closeness and intimacy that nursing provides.


As a busy mom, finding ways to make breastfeeding more convenient is beneficial. Learning how to breastfeed while baby wearing can make multitasking easier and help you bond with your baby.


It’s important to be aware of any ingredients that could potentially harm your baby while breastfeeding, such as exposing them to allergens or ingesting skincare products containing harmful chemicals. So, educate yourself on which skincare ingredients to avoid during your breastfeeding journey.


Regarding baby bottles, there might be a confusion on how many baby bottles you need while breastfeeding. It’s important to have the right number of bottles handy, even when exclusively breastfeeding, to help you during emergencies or when your baby requires supplemental feedings.

Low milk supply

If you’re struggling with low milk supply, there are several ways to increase it. For example, nursing more frequently, using breast compression, and ensuring optimal latch can help in boosting milk supply. It’s also essential to maintain a healthy diet during lactation, as maternal nutrition plays a significant role in milk composition.


Body Armor drinks might just be that little boost some breastfeeding mamas need, offering hydration and essential nutrients that could play a part in keeping that milk supply flowing.

But remember, while they might be a tasty addition to your routine, they shouldn’t be the star of the show! Tried and true breastfeeding techniques, like transitioning from pumping to direct feeding, are crucial in ensuring a fulfilling journey for both you and your little one.

And hey, always tune into what your body and heart are telling you. If things get tough or you decide it’s time to close the breastfeeding chapter, know that it’s perfectly okay. Your journey is uniquely yours, and whatever choices you make, embrace them with love and confidence.

After all, it’s all about ensuring the best for you and your baby!


Questions? We Have Answers.

Body Armor drinks are generally safe, but always consult with a healthcare professional regarding dietary choices while breastfeeding.

Moderation is key. One drink can aid hydration, but monitor sugar intake and consult a healthcare provider for guidance.

Body Armor drinks offer hydration and nutrients, potentially benefiting some breastfeeding moms, but individual results may vary.

Fenugreek tea, fennel tea, and barley water are often recommended to boost breast milk, alongside staying well-hydrated.

While Body Armor may support breastfeeding, herbal teas or decaf beverages are ideal for relaxed mum time.

Some moms report increased milk supply with Body Armor, but there’s no scientific proof; individual experiences vary.

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